Improving Lives from Farm to Table

Debate * Act * Learn

GoodFarms seeks to continually improve the world’s food system by debating the issues, trying new approaches, keeping what works, and throwing out what doesn’t.

We call this virtuous cycle: debate-act-learn.  We don’t demonize the other side in a debate.  We respect everyone’s point of view knowing that there are often two or more sides to an issue.  And by understanding each other, we are better able to find workable solutions to real problems.

We search for common ground with an aim towards improving lives from farm to table.  We partner with other companies, NGOs, governmental agencies, labor unions, and anyone else who shares this goal.
We are action oriented.  So we put ideas to the test in the real world.  We measure results.  And we seek to improve these results over time.

Together we can make a difference!

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